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Keria is a leadership and consultancy agency, who provides various services in the people management sector.

The management consulting firm is founded by the founder of and author of the book You are special. Karin Møller Rigas has generated incredible business results with her practical approach to leadership and Management. She has 25+ years experience within the fields of Sales Management, Sales Coaching, Executive Coaching and Sales Consulting. She is an accredited coach from the International Coach Federation. Her fortay is large financial enterprises and has coached more than 3000 leaders in 10+ countries as well as being the mental coach for the Danish national team.

Building for a new age of leaders

Leaders must be close to employees while creating space for them to do their job. They should set a clear direction concrete goals to be followed up without controlling the working process. Taking decisions on behalf of the employees while listening and letting the employees be the experts within their field is a balance that can be hard to find. We help organizations develop their leaders to help them understand how they can ensure accountability and trust while driving continuous learning and positive personal development with their employees.

All about people

People are an asset in which a company is totally reliant on in order to establish the largest possible production and the best possible financial result. 
Some people are not fond of that expression but it is never the less what most executive leaders are discussing. “If only people were like machines – then we could pick the most effective one, write a 24 hours service level agreement and renew people once something better comes up on the market”.

Results oriented

Our greatest strength is to build strong and lasting foundations that leads to greater results over a more extensive period of time. We build employees who make customers buy even more, leaders who supports a diverse workforce and leaders who know how to tell great stories.



Modern Management – Great leaders should be able to navigate in any environment and it’s alpha omega that they understand to be close while ensuring, that there is enough space to grow. Set clear boundaries and direction without micro managing. Make decisions based on the employee and leave them as experts in their field. Set demands while allowing space for personal development and be a catalyst for continuous changes and productivity.

Executive coaching

To be a high level manager is all about holding the responsibility for having a high productivity and efficiency, that leads to great customer experiences. The balance between setting a clear direction and supporting people in their personal development is demanding. A personal coach by your side will force you to see your options and challenges in different perspectives. We’ll give you insights about your instruments, where your strength’s are and where you can improve.

Team building

Change and the feeling of consent comes best when you are involved. This is true for any part of any organization.

When all participants gets to be part of a change by shaping their own future and even better, together train in what will result in the work that has to be done, then and only then you will have a healthy and successful implementation of a change.

Coaching and sparring

Personal development is all about finding strength’s and exploiting them even more and find aspects of themselves that can be even better. Set specific goals for what you can improve and work with us to identify your behavior and others’ reaction to it. Our feedback is a good starting point for your personal development. We’ll ask you the right questions in order for you to get the opportunity to think and make your choices.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training is the most efficient way of increasing development, competence and performance. is your portal to practical leadership learning. You’ll get inspiration from examples and tools that will help you as a leader. Combine that with support form a sparring partner and coach. You choose if it should be face to face, a phone conference or more.


Our amazing partners

We work with other senior consultants who have worked with change for at least 15 years.
Each of us have our own business and at the same time we work together on larger projects, or when you as a customer can benefit from input from a person with special skills.


Frank Løfqvist


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